Match the following religious holidays with the traditions observed on those days. What other traditions are connected with these holidays?

1. Epiphany 2. Shrove Tuesday 3. Maundy Thursday 4. Good Friday 5. Easter Day 6. Christmas Day 7. Boxing Day a. Family gathering at the home of parents or grandparents b. Egg rolling and egg jarping c. Baking hot cross buns d. A Vigil service in churches e. Singing carols f. The Queen’s giving money to elderly people g. The end of the Christmas festivals when the decorations are taken down h. Eating plum pudding i. Remembering the visit of the three Wise Men to the infant Jesus j. Indulging in the kinds of food forbidden during the Lent k. Remembering the Last Supper l. Children hanging their stockings up ready for presents m. Fasting n. Broadcasting the Queen’s message to the people o. Pancake races