Define the pattern of creation and function of the following nonce-words.

State the type and function of obsolete words.

1."Thou art the Man!" cried Jabes, after a solemn pause, leaning over his cushion. "Seventy times seven times didst thou gapingly contort thy visage—seventy times seven did I take council with my soul—Lo! this is human weakness: this also may be absolved! The first of the seventy-first is come. Brethren—execute upon him the judgement written. Such honour have all His saints!" (E. Bronte)

2. He kept looking at the fantastic green of the jungle and then at the orange-brown earth, febrile and pulsing as though the rain were cutting wounds into it Ridges flinched before the power of it. The Lord giveth and He taketh away, Ridges thought solemnly. (N. Mailer)

3. If manners maketh man, then manner and grooming maketh poodle. (J. Steinbeck)

4. He had at his back a satchel, which seemed to con­tain a few necessaries, a hawking gauntlet on his left hand, though he carried no bird, and in his right hand a stout hunter's pole." (W. Scott)

5. My heart leaps up when I behold

A rainbow in the sky (W.Wordsworth)

6. Whilome in Albion’s isle there dwelt a youth,

Who ne in virtue’s ways did take delight:

But spent his days in riot most uncouth

And vex’d with mirth the drowsy ear of Night. (Byron)

7. “He of the iron garment,” said Daigety, entering,”is bounden unto you, MacEagh, and this noble lord shall be bounden also.” (W.Scott)

Explain and give the present-day equivalents of the following outdated English words. Use a dictionary if necessary.

apothecary damsel poesy whither

4. Give the English equivalents, state the origin and sty­listic purpose of barbarisms.

1. She caught herself criticizing his belief that, since his joke about trying to keep her out of the poorhouse had once been accepted as admirable humor, it should continue to be his daily bon mot. (S. Lewis)

2. Then, of course, there ought to be one or two out­siders—just to give the thing a bona fide appearance. I and Eileen could see to that—young people, uncritical, and with no idea of politics. (A Christie)

3. "Tyree, you got half of the profits!" Dr. Bruce shouted. "You're my de facto partner." "What that de facto mean, Doc?.." "Papa, it means you a partner in fact and in law," Fishbelly told him. "(R Wright)

4. And now the roof had fallen in on him. The first shock was over, the dust had settled and he could now see that his whole life was kaput. (J.Braine)

Define the pattern of creation and function of the following nonce-words.

1. She was a young and unbeautiful woman. (I. Shaw)

2. I'll disown you, I' lldisinherit you, I'llungetyou! and damn me, if ever I callyou back again!(R. Sheridan)

3. Shewas . . . waiting for something to happen. Or for everything to unhappen. (Т. Нoward)

4. She was . . . doing duty of her waitresshood. (T. Howard)

5. His youngness and singlemindedness were obvious enough. (J.D. Salinger.)

6. You are becoming tireder and tireder. (E. Hemingway)

7. So: I'm not just talented. I'm geniused. (Sh. Delaney)

8. To think that I should have lived to be good-morninged by Belladonna Took’s son. (A. Tolkien)

9. David, in his new grown-upness, had already a sort of authority. (I. Murdoch)